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Have you ever wondered what might have become of our students or classmates?

We recently got news that one of our ex students of Computing Systems Engineering had been awarded a Special Mention for Notable Finish at a global hackaton (a programming marathon) held last November.

His name is Raul Gracia Lario and he is now living in London. Grails, an open source application framework which uses Groovy programming language, organised a 48-hour hackaton starting on 9th November. Raul took part in it as a member of the Troll of Code group that developed and coded an application  called SpotyWhere.

At local hackatons contestants are normally asked to do a project presentation for the judges. Since this was a global hackaton the presentation had to be done on a pitch video that could be then uploaded onto the Youtube site. You can watch the Troll of Code’s video at this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXBJGWK3tJs

There you can see Raul himself explaining the idea behind this web application and how it works. We hope you find it interesting and would like to thank Raúl for letting us write about him and to congratulate him on his achievements.





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